Zapoppin - St Kreun

Zapoppin – St Kreun: Songs of Land and Waterways


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“Wilfully atonal and playfully brash, Zapoppin’ are one of the most unconventional acoustic, folk and skiffle groups around. Their new album St Kreun: Songs of Land and Waterways is a modern re-presentation of the rural exploration records from 20th century folk artists such as Woody Guthrie (and his Columbia River Ballads) and the Morris On series of LPs featuring Martin Carthy and Shirley Collins.

While conceptually St Kreun shares many similarities to the aforementioned records, the music contained therein is in no way restrained by the folk palette. Punk ‘n’ roll barn burners appear next to heavy waltzes, electronic drones lead into sinister acapellas, saxophones and drum machines and field recordings all vie for attention amid tunes which are never scared to turn another corner. The result is an audio story of a place in flux – a world where the sublime and the ridiculous are as celebrated as the awkward and the mundane.

St Kreun is Zapoppin’s sixth LP recorded since their formation in 2007 as a duo featuring harmonium (played by Luke Richards) and banjo (played by Tom Sharpe). It is their first release with drummer Matt Collington (who also takes writing credits for three of the songs on the album). Since 2007 the band have played dates across the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, France and Switzerland and shared billing with Donovan (Moseley Folk Festival 2010), Dolly Parton (Glastonbury 2014) as well as with acclaimed cult icons Bob Log III and Johnny Dowd.”