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Sunday 18th August, 8pm, Hanging Gardens, PL4 0DF

£8.50 (Inc Booking Fee*) advance, £10.00 OTD

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Since their formation in 2014, Tokyo’s Minami Deutsch have tried to strike a balance between honoring the musical styles of yesteryear and creating something new. These self-described “repetition freaks” cite psychedelic rock and minimal techno as guideposts, but—as evidenced by a band name that is Japanese for “South Germany”—they’re really obsessed with krautrock. Lead guitarist and vocalist Kyotaro Miula has said that they gravitate toward this sound because it’s music for people who want to innovate. On their second album, With Dim Light, Minami Deutsch start delivering on that claim.
Plenty of Japanese bands have been inspired by the motorik pace of early-’70s German outfits, but Minami Deutsch focus on a very specific period in krautrock history. Their earliest releases and self-titled 2015 debut album drew on the scene’s primordial days, particularly the locked-in rhythms of the first two Neu! albums. On record and in live settings, they excel at reproducing this sound—it’s not shocking to learn that they’ve jammed with Damo Suzuki. Listening to Minami Deutsch, though, you can start longing to hear the pioneering sounds of Neu! 2

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