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Anthroprophh / Aches / Piss Midget Ticket


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Friday 31st August, 8pm

The Underground, Mutley, Plymouth



Featuring Paul Allen from legendary psych band the Heads, who played 3 Peel Sessions, released 20 records and are in our opinion a part of the reason psych rock has had such as solid resurgence in the UK in recent years. Gareth Turner, (who alongside incredible violinist Agathe Max created Kuro and one of the most fascinating and intriguing albums of 2016), was also in Big Naturals with Jesse Webb who makes up the third member of the monumental, stellar specimen of pure Heavy Psych Rock that is Anthroprophh. This years release, Omegaville has already garnered rave reviews and shall almost certainly be on many top ten lists of this year.


Support from Aches & Piss Midget