Hurricane Tee & Ticket Bundle #2

Aches Tee & Minami Deutsch Ticket Bundle


Product Description

Get your ticket to this exceptional show, presented by Last Shop and Aslomga, and your Ltd Edition Aches Tee “Climb the Hurricane” design for the bargain price of £14.00 inc booking fee!!

In the “Notes” section of the checkout – tell us if you are S, M, L, XL, or XXL (or message Chris Muirhead on Facebook to arrange paying in cash) – your tee will be waiting for you at the gig or if you are very nice we will drop it round to your house.

Sunday 18th August, 7pm, Hanging Gardens, PL4 0DF


Minami Deutsch

Internationally renowned Japanese Krautrock, formed in 2014 the band have toured Europe multiple times and this is the second opportunity to see the band in Plymouth, after their stopover here and now legendary gig in 2017 (Aslomga was also your host back then). With records out on Guruguru Brain, Sulatron Records & Cardinal Fuzz, the “repetition freaks” craft addictive, lengthy tracks as backwards salutations to the likes of Can, Neu! & Kraftwerk whilst forming a back catalogue very much their own: psychedelic, motorik, peacenik music for the incurably curious. An absolute must see.

Aches are a Gonzo-Psych-Stoner-Experiment featuring members of Helpless, Imperfect Orchestra, Gunderson & Tunnel Visions. Currently taking an extended break from live shows to write their first album and shoot a short film, this is a rare opportunity to see the band this year.

Tripper are post punk through an art rock lens, warped takes on rock an roll, sideways glances into a frenzied indie and featuring members of Brunel, Bedroom Project & Crazy Arm.

A truly stellar line up of bands for your mid-summer psych dissociation, get your ticket in advance for the keepsake.

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