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‘The last Shop Standing’ was a record store based in Plymouth that has been on hiatus since
January 2015 when we were closed due to redevelopment of the bus station in which we had our home.

We are now a small independent label and are going to be focusing on deluxe vinyl & cassette packages
for the UK’s most promising underground artists that have shown promise through actively
touring and are within the realms of our broad but specific tastes.

We also put on gigs locally, bringing interesting acts to our end of the A38.


4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Good morning,

    I’m after a Specials T-shirt for my sons birthday, small men’s size. Have you anything in stock I could pick up this week?

    1. Hi Stewart,

      I am afraid we aren’t open anymore – just a little record label now, they are building a cinema on our remains….

      Good luck with the birthday!

  2. Hi Last shop standing
    I am Lukes Dad and I think I messed up the purchase of the Zapoppin album on vinyl, I see the payment has gone through on Pay pal so I guess I bought it but then did something wrong, Anyway can you check that you did get the paypal money from me and keep the record there, I will pick it up next time I am there or you can give it to Luke if you see him, sorry for my ineptitude.

    1. Hi Neil,

      No problem! I did try emailing you but must have not typed your email address in correctly, I have indeed got your PayPal transfer, and kind of put 2 and 2 together with whom you may be!

      The LP is here and I can give it to Luke sometime this week?

      Chris Muirhead
      Last Shop Recs

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